There are many collaborative technologies designed to help groups work with computer-based information in the meeting room. By using collaborative technology, widely dispersed work teams can easily share information, whether they’re located across the country or around the world. And with the focus on teamwork in many organizations today, easy access to vital information can, in essence, determine success or failure.

One such tool is the SMART Board interactive whiteboard that lets you access computer-based information in the meeting room and record meeting information using a simple whiteboard interface. The board can improve both your meetings and your group’s general productivity. How? Read on!

What is a SMART Board interactive whiteboard?
The SMART Board interactive whiteboard that, when connected to a computer and an LCD projector, gives you fingertip control of computer-based information and the whiteboard capability you already know how to use.

Because the SMART Board interactive whiteboard has a touch-sensitive surface, when you project your computer image onto the board, you can control any application by pressing on the board’s surface with your finger. In effect, you use your finger on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard just as you would your mouse at the desktop. For example, to open a Microsoft Windows document, simply touch on the Open Document icon. To run an application, simply double-click (by touching twice in rapid succession) on its icon. Because your finger is your mouse, you are able to interact directly with the application.

Since the SMART Board interactive whiteboard senses pressure on its surface, you can pick up a dry-erase marker or pen tool from the SMART Pen Tray, write with it on the board, and what you write will appear on the board in electronic ink. You can see what you have written on the board because the LCD projector is projecting the computer monitor image onto the board.

What are the benefits of using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard?
Here are just a few of the many good reasons an interactive whiteboard allows your group to be more effective in the meeting room:

Access key documents at any time during a meeting discussion, even if the discussion was unplanned. For example, in the middle of the meeting you can open a relevant Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, sketch the trend you’ve been discussing and do a real-time what-if analysis to see if the proposed solution works.
Deliver a presentation to the group from the front of the room, where you can be most effective. Advance your Microsoft PowerPoint slides by simply touching the board’s surface and circle or underline key points to focus the group’s attention on critical issues.
Make changes to CAD/CAM drawings, documents or spreadsheets in the meeting as an immediate result of group collaboration and discussion
Access a live Web site during your meeting to provide information about the discussion topic and substantiate your point
Connect via Microsoft NetMeeting software to your colleagues in another location, pick up a pen from the SMART Pen Tray, write in the whiteboard area and your notes will be seen by meeting participants at the other location

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