Meeting Basics

Why We Meet
Meetings help you and your organization function more efficiently. Find out why they're necessary and when you should be holding them.

Meeting Effectively
Banish boring, unproductive meetings. General tips and guidelines for successful meetings.

Meeting Planning

The Agenda
Avoid meeting mayhem. Manage your time and achieve your goals with a carefully planned agenda.

Off-Site Meetings
Whether you're meeting in a restaurant, another city or another country, learn how to plan for an off-site meeting.

Meeting Room Fun
Loosen up and get creative in your meetings.


Get the scoop on teamwork and find out how to have a winning team.

Be a Great Leader
Lead your team to higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Dealing with Difficult People
Don't let one bad apple ruin your team's productivity.

Participation Tips
Get your team involved! Draw out shy team members and learn how to brainstorm effectively.


Meeting Room Tools
Make every meeting successful by learning how and when to use technology.

The Internet
Use the Internet to enhance your meetings.

Virtual Teaming
Get the lowdown on virtual teams and how they can work for you.

Want to learn more about conferencing? Get the information you need about the technology, tactics and benefits of this meeting method.

Web Presentations
Discover how to hold an effective meeting over the Web.


Winging it doesn't work. Learn how to prepare powerful presentations.

Find expert advice and tips on how to get your point across and keep your audience interested.

Presentation Tools
Enhance your presentation with our technology advice.


Time Management
Stop the madness! Instead of working against time, make time work for you.

Fine-tune your communication skills so you can avoid mix-ups, hold better brainstorming sessions and get your point across in meetings.


Work-Space Design
Technology, color, seating, feng shui – they all play a role in designing your meeting space.

Don't let your work space cause you pain. Get the basics on body-friendly hardware, software and furniture.

Quizzes and interactive features to test your meeting expertise

Test Your Meeting IQ
Do You Suffer from Meeting Myopia?
Calculate the Cost of Your Meetings
Bushwhacking the Technology Implementation Landscape

Guest Columnists
Meet some of the experts who contribute to our site.

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