Miscommunication is the number one killer of meeting productivity. Whether it's a confusing statement, a strange gesture or body language that you interpret one way when it means another, miscommunication can be helped.

When you're the presenter or leader of the meeting and participants are looking confused or asleep, there's only one solution: ask a question. Get the participation up and the communication flowing using some of the following examples.

For Confused or Concerned Looking Faces:
"It seems like my comments may not be as clear as I thought. Is there specific information could I go over for you?"

For Blank Stares and Sleepy Participants: 
"Is everyone following me? Shall I speed up or slow down?"

For Negative Body Language:
"I'm sensing that you may have some questions about what I'm saying. Would anyone like to make a comment?"

For Any Time you Need People to Return to the Present:
"Are there any questions at this point?"

Remember, what people say and what they actually mean can be surprisingly different. If people are glaring at you and casting furtive glances at the exit, schedule a quick break. The better you respond to your audience's silent communications, the easier it will be for you to work with your team, and the more productive your next meeting!

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