Whether you're creating an agenda, organizing an off-site meeting or aiming to inject some fun into your next meeting, it's all in the planning.

How to Create an Agenda, Step by Step
Why agendas are so important and how to create a great one

Writing the Script
Create the perfect meeting agenda

10+ Tips for Starting (and Finishing) Your Meetings on Time
How organizers and attendees can keep meetings on track

How Long is Long Enough?
Determine how much time you need for your next meeting

Things to Consider When Preparing for Your Meetings
General considerations for any meeting, big or small

Gimme a Break!
Avoid meeting breakdowns by planning meeting breaks

It's in the Numbers?
See for yourself the correlation between preparation time and meeting productivity

Holding Off-Site Meetings
Get out of the office and get creative

Eliminating Free Time Can Be a Costly Mistake
Participants need quality free time during long out-of-town meetings

Mind Your Meeting Manners
How to conduct yourself when meeting outside the boardroom

International Etiquette
Practical do's and don'ts when meeting in a foreign country

Beware, Globe-Trotting Meeters!
Cross-cultural facts for your next meeting abroad

Meeting Planning Cost-Savings Tips
Put together an on-site or off-site meeting that's professional and within budget

Dealing with Legal Minefields
Legal issues to consider when planning any meeting, especially one that's off-site

Make Meetings Fun
Encourage participation and creativity by making your meetings fun

Mix Up Your Meetings
Off-the-wall meeting suggestions

Read meeting dilemmas solved by the Meeting Guru.



Are You Meeting More but Accomplishing Less?
By Dianna Booher

Fun in the Meeting Room
By Bernie DeKoven a.k.a. Dr. Fun


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