Dear Meeting Guru,

"I liked the "How to Prepare an Agenda" article. Do you have a sample agenda based on that approach?"

Lawrenceville, NJ

Blessed Meeter,

I attended a brainstorming session earlier this week and this was the agenda that was prepared and sent via e-mail.

"Let's Find a Name for Product X!"

To brainstorm a name for our newest product

Julie, Dan, Nancy, Chris, Tanya, Jim and the Guru

Date, Time and Duration
Monday, July 12th from 3:00–4:00 PM

Main Boardroom

What to Bring
A thesaurus, a dictionary, your creative thinking caps and anything else that gives you creative inspiration

Presenter: Jim will lead the brainstorming session and record the session notes

Topic: He's prepared brain-tweaking questions to help us discover that perfect name for our product. Eureka!

Allocated Time: Jim will lead the entire meeting

*And if this were an information-sharing meeting with many presenters, each would be listed with details on the topic duration. But in this case, Jim's the only presenter, so we've only outlined the information for which he's responsible during the session.

It only takes moments to prepare an agenda like this. When attendees receive an agenda, even if it's as simplistic as the one outlined above, it acts as an official invitation and the participants automatically consider the meeting more seriously. Having this information before the meeting helps them get a better idea of what will be discussed and gives them an opportunity to prepare.

For more information on how to properly prepare an agenda, read "How to Create an Effective Agenda, Step-by-Step".

Many meeters believe they can develop an effective agenda, but in reality, it takes time to perfect the art of agenda creation. Your inquiry demonstrates your desire to learn and improve something you may have thought you already knew. As the wise philosopher Confucius once said, "Study as if you have not reached your goal – as if you were afraid of losing what you have." In other words, it's through study that wisdom is gained. However, even if you study with fervor, there are still endless lessons to be learned in our world.

Until next time… may good meeting karma always be with you.



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