Meetings as a Corporate Investment
Take a moment to calculate the cost of your meetings. Simply answer the four questions below, click the calculate button and see how much your meetings cost. You may be surprised by the amount of company resources used during your group's meetings.


What is the average annual salary of your group members?
What is the average number of members per meeting?
Typically, how long do your meetings last (in hours)?
On average, how many meetings do you attend each week?
Cost per week*:
Cost per year*:
    * This number does not include employee benefits.  
Now consider:  
  the cost of lost productivity Remember that these figures represent only one group within your organization. Imagine how much time and how many resources are invested in meetings company-wide  
  the cost of the meeting room
  the cost of the furniture
  the cost of all meeting equipment

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Meeting Investment?
Now that you've calculated how much your group's meetings cost, perhaps you realize how important it is to make your meetings as productive and efficient as possible.

How Can Your Group Get the Most out of Your Meetings?
Using effective meeting practices in combination with meeting productivity tools is the best way to improve your meetings. For more information on meeting productivity tools and how they can help improve your meetings, visit Technology.

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