Why EffectiveMeetings.com?
Recently, SMART Technologies has experienced tremendous growth. Departments that had only a handful of people tripled or quadrupled in size over a short period of time. Needless to say, this growth had an effect on our organization's meetings. In dealing with our own trials and tribulations in the meeting room, keeping people on track and on time, we learned about the effective meeting process.

While doing research for our own meeting challenges, we noticed that most of the meeting information available was theoretical and not easily implemented. We decided to focus on what was missing from this information and provide a remedy for the situation.

Developing and selling technology designed to make meetings more effective gave us a foundation of knowledge. We decided to combine this knowledge with information from industry professionals to create an Internet resource that closed the gap between theoretical meeting practices and their practical applications. We knew this information would extend beyond SMART products and be of interest to anyone who spends a lot of time in meetings. This became the foundation for EffectiveMeetings.com.

What is EffectiveMeetings.com?
EffectiveMeetings.com is an online resource center designed to provide useful information about meetings in the form of articles, tips and quizzes. It was published as an online magazine for two and a half years, but we discovered that relevant and often-requested information was not easily found in the archives. In response, we've reorganized content and converted the site to a resource center, where readers can easily access all the information they need to hold more effective meetings.

Public Relations
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Previous Press Releases
January 22, 2002
EffectiveMeetings.com transformed into Web resource center for better meetings

February 16, 2001
Effective Meeting Spaces Competition rewards design innovations that integrate technology

May 15, 2000
E-zine focused on meeting effectiveness celebrates one-year anniversary

May 6, 1999
SMART Technologies launches EffectiveMeetings.com, an e-zine aimed at increasing meeting efficiency and cost-effectiveness

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